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Round Table with Members of the Atlantic Council

The Minister of National Defence Mihai Fifor, currently on a visit in the US together with the Chief of Staff General Nicolae Ciucă and the Secretary of State for Armaments, Florin Lazar Vlădică, participated in a round table with the members of the Atlantic Council, which took place in Washington DC, on Monday, September 18th. The delegation was accompanied by the Romanian Ambassador to the USA, George Cristian Maior.

During the talks, Mihai Fifor appreciated the dialogue and the Atlantic Council approach in the transatlantic consolidation of the Romania-US Strategic Partnership.
Also, the Atlantic Council members were interested in the regional security dynamics and the national perspective on the developments in the Black Sea region.

The talks focused mainly on security-related topics, in the context of the strategic developments of the previous years, that changed the regional security environment dramatically, having a direct and significant impact on the stability of the eastern flank of the Alliance.

"We believe that we need a coherent, coordinated and articulated approach, both in political-military and operational terms, so as to re-establish the security balance and discourage such new aggressive moves in the Black Sea region" minister Mihai Fifor said.

He pointed out that "it is very important to have a unitary approach at NATO level with respect to the eastern flank, in order to ensure a coherent allied presence in the area, able to efficiently respond to the entire range of challenges and threats to the Euro-Atlantic security. Romania remains a solid predictable and trustworthy partner, observing its commitment to contribute to the regional security and stability". The defence minister mentioned the need of an active dialogue among allies, especially between the USA and Romania, that would allow the promotion of Romania's position in the development of an allied strategy in the Black Sea region.

The delegation presented the evolutions registered in implementing Romania's initiatives for the consolidation of NATO's eastern flank and the national priorities of developing and modernizing the defence capacity.

* * *

On Tuesday, September 19th, the Romanian military delegation will meet with the Secretary of Defense James Mattis at the Pentagon, and will participate in a wreath-laying military ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns, in Arlington National Cemetery.

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