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Annual meeting of the defence minister with the defence attachés accredited to Bucharest

The Minister of National Defence, Mihai Fifor, participated in the Annual meeting with the military attachés accredited to Bucharest, held at the National Military Club, on Monday, December 12th.

On this occasion, minister Fifor emphasized the fact that the defence attachés’ activity - in the current security context, characterized by challenges posed to the Eastern and Southern Flanks of the Alliance – is very important in order to ensure a permanent and efficient dialogue at military level as well as to intensify bilateral cooperation between Romania and the European, Allied and partner states.

In his speech, defence minister said that year 2017 was characterized through modernization and the implementation of procurements programs assumed by Romania, this process being scheduled to unfold over the following years, too.

Also, minister Fifor pointed out that our country will respect its commitment of allocating 2% of the GDP for defence expenditures, in 2018.

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