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Mircea Dușa at the Meeting of the Romanian-Polish Strategic Structured Dialogue

Secretary of State for Defence Policy, Planning and International Relations, Mircea Dușa, participated in the seventh round of the Romanian-Polish strategic structured dialogue on security matters. The meeting took place in Warsaw and was attended by the delegation headed by Mircea Duša as well as the that headed by State Secretary for Planning and International Relations Bilateral and Strategic Affairs in the Euro-Atlantic Space, George Ciamba, of the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The discussions included topics such as the state of the regional security, continuing the implementation of the measures decided upon at the NATO Summits in Wales and Warsaw, namely consolidating the defence and deterrence postures on the eastern flank, but also current topics in the perspective of the allied summit this summer.

The officials discussed in depth current topics on the EU agenda, namely the permanent structured cooperation, in order to identify new ways of cooperation with a view to implementing the goals on the European defence agenda.
The dialogue covered the bilateral but also regional Romanian-Polish cooperation, especially from the perspective of the two countries’ cooperation in organizing the B9 Reunion in defence ministers format, to take place in Bucharest, in March.

As to the two percent of the GDP allotted for defence, they discussed the Romanian Armed Forces acquision planning and the efforts made by Romania in modernizing military equipment.

The dialogue was an excellent opportunity to consolidate the Romanian-Polish relations in terms of the Strategic Partnership between the two countries. The officials agreed to continue consultations at bilateral level in order to harmonize the opinions the two countries stated within NATO and the EU.

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