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Tuesday, September 14, 04 starting 09.00 hours Ioan Mircea Pascu, minister of National Defence will deliver the opening speech at the “Expeditionary Forces 2004”conferrence developed between September 14 and 15, 04 at Intercontinental Hotel in Bucharest. Civil and military officials and businessmen from South Africa, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom of Grate Britain and Northern Ireland, USA and Sweden will debate the issues on NATO rapid force and the recent experience of the expeditionary forces in different theaters of operations.

At 10.00 hours Mister Pascu will open the courses of the fifth series of the Program of NATO Master Studies organized by the National School of Political and Administrative Studies. This program will be developed for three and a half months with the participation of seven officers and three civil servants from the Ministry of National Defence.

At 12.00 hours the minister of National Defence will participate to the festivity of handing over the decorations by the President of Romania, Mister Ion Iliescu to the military men who took part to the missions in the theaters of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to the Decree No. 392/May 26, 2004 the war decorations will be thus conferred:
- Military Virtue Order in Grand Officer Rank: Colonel Scarlat Nicolae Dumitru;
- Military Virtue Order in Commander Rank; Majors Buleandra Ioan Dan, Vasile Ioan, Harangus Teofil-Romul Marius, Iacobut Gheorghe Marius-Dorin, Nutulescu Toma Paul-Gabriel;
- Military Virtue Order in Officer Rank: Captains Brosteanu Constantin Constantin, Cotoi Vasile Vasile, Girtonea Gheorghe Ionel-Claudiu, Ion Nicolae Virgil, Sarghe-Ciobanu Gheorghe Petrut-Danut, Tugui Gheorghe Antonel;
- Military Virtue Order in Knight Rank: Lieutenants Cozar Stefan-Corneliu Ciprian, Chindea Gheorghe Neculai, Ivanescu Dumitru Cristian, Mandru Ovidiu-Mircea Mircea Fabian, Pascan Ionel Marius-Ionel;
- Aeronautical Virtue Order in Grand Officer Rank: Commander Calin Miron Florin;
- Aeronautical Virtue Order in Commander Rank: Captain-Commanders Lupes Dumitru Catalin, Constantinescu Alexandru Gabriel, Grigore Chiriac Ninel, Ion Gheorghe Virgil, Jilaveanu Zaharia Marian;
- Medal of Bravery and Faithful, class I : NCOs Porumb Vasile Vasile-Tudor and Verdes Badea Alexandru;
- Medal of Bravery and Faithful, class II: NCOs Micu Anton Eugeniu-Bogdan, Cical Ilie Iulian-Lucian, Manescu Gheorghe Vasile-Drados;
- Medal of Bravery and Faithful, Class III: NCOs Harangus David Horatiu-Calin, Fortu Vasile Daniel-Vasile and Varian Iulian Iulian-Vasile;
- Aeronautical Virtue Medal, class I; NCO Filip Grigore Danut.

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