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Draft Law Approved for the Acquisition of HIMARS Systems

The draft law on the implementation of the "Indirect fire support capabilities" of the "Multiple Long Range Missiles Launching System" - HIMARS program was adopted by the Romanian Government on Thursday, February 15th.

The document stipulates that the Romanian Government assigns state contracts of the type Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LOA) to the US Government of the United States. The contracts are specific to the Foreign Military Sales Program – FMS, for the acquisition of three systems with 18 launching facilities each, including but not limited to these, the ammunition, the control and command elements, sensors, logistic support, maintainance, cryptographic and special equipment, and staff training service at all levels.

The procurement of the HIMARS systems is the second government-to-government agreement program between Romania and the USA, after the acquisition of the HSAM - PATRIOT long range surface-to-air missile system in November 2017.

For Romania, the achievement of the indirect fire-fighting support capability is of a high security interest and contributes significantly both to the strengthening of strategic partnership with the United States of America and to meeting the commitments assumed by our country within NATO.

Given the diversity of situations in which the Romanian military participate in missions both on the national territory and especially abroad, it is necessary to equip the structures belonging to the Land Forces Staff with enhanced capabilities, specific to both classic and unconventional war. The multiple missiles launching system is capable of ensuring combat support, during military operations and in the training process.

The "Multiple-Missile Launching System" procurement program is provided in the Romanian Armed Forces Procurement Plan 2017-2026, approved by the Supreme Council of Defence of the Country by Decision No. 059 / 21.03.2017.

The Multiple missile launching systems, an important part of the terrestrial artillery system, will act independently or integrated with the other systems to accomplish the missions. Due to their interoperability, the multiple missiles launching systems can be made available to NATO in order to accomplish the commitments assumed by Romania within the Alliance and the regional initiatives.

For the rapid deployment from one area to another, the system provides the increased mobility, both on the road and on rough terrain. The system also allows the air transport with its own aircraft or belonging to NATO.

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