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Inter-Ministerial Meetings at the Ministry of National Defence

The State Secretary for Defence Policy and Planning, Mircea Duša, coordinated the meeting of the Inter-ministerial Committee for the implementation of the Agreement between the United States of America and Romania regarding the activities of United States forces located on the territory of Romania, that took place at the defence ministry location, on Tuesday, June 28. On the same occasion the meeting took place of the inter-ministerial commission for the relations with foreign armed forces.

The talks were attended by state secretaries from different ministries and experts from the public institutions involved in the implementation of the Access Agreement. They discussed the implementation of the Agreement provisions on entering, stationing and conducting operations or transiting the Romanian territory by foreign troops.

The main points of discussion on the Committee agenda were related to the support needed in relation with the presence of the US troops in Romania, the stage of the infrastructure projects developed by the US part as part of the facilities made available for them on Romanian soil, the common bilateral and multinational training exercises conducted last or scheduled to take place this year by Romanian and American troops in Romania.

The officials present at the defence ministry today agreed on the steps to be made in the next period of time so that the scheduled activities would take place in compliance with the provisions deriving from the Access Agreement.
Among the topics discussed was the implementation of the Additional Agreement to the Paris Protocol, that sets the juridical framework and facilitates the activity of the Allied Commands in Romania.

One of the main topics on the agenda of the Inter-ministerial Committee was military mobility, a concept developed at EU level within PESCO, concerning security and defence. The members decided to establish an inter-ministerial working group at national level with resposibilities in the areas mentioned above.

The goup is meant to monitor and implement the measures in the EU Action Plan in the filed of military mobility.

As an exemple of military mobility the group analyzed the stage of the project to build a bridge over Olt river in Brašov county, meant to ease the access of very heavy equipment in Cincu shooting range.

At the end of the meeting, Mircea Duša asked for support from the other ministries, so that they can man the “Center for the coordination and ensuring the support of the host-nation” with experts from each field of activity.

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