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The Romanian Air Force will participate between September 19 and 25, 04 with two IAR 330 helicopters to “COOPERATIVE SAREX 2004” multinational search-rescue air exercise organized on Szolnok airport, Hungary.

Representatives of Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovakian, Ukrainian, Romanian and Serbian and Montenegrin Air Forces will participate to this exercise. Romanian will take part for the second time to this exercise.
The aim of the exercise is the training of navigate, technical and staff personnel within the new approaches existing at NATO level in search and rescue missions.

The scenario presupposes the development of humanitarian assistance actions in case of a major aviate accident.

According to the scenario two Romanian helicopters equipped in MEDEVAC variant will perform the missions of search-rescue, recuperation, evacuation and medical assistance, embark-debark of personnel and transport of search-rescue equipment.

Lieutenant General Gheorghe Catrina chief of the Romanian Air Staff will participate September 24,04 to the festivities organized due to the day of Distinguished Guests. This occasion, according to the stipulations of the Agreement of Air Force cooperation between the two states, the chiefs of Air Staffs from Romania and Hungary will sign an additional protocol on cooperation in search and rescue domain.

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