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The Minister of National Defence, at the commemoration ceremony to honor the victims of September 11 terrorist attacks

Today, September 11th, Defence Minister Mihai Fifor, and the US Ambassador in Romania, Hans Klemm, took part in the commemoration ceremony to honor the victims of September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks from the USA.

In his speech, minister Fifor stated that Romania was and will continue to be a reliable partner for the United States of America and that the September 11th 2001 events determined us “to become stronger, united and to demonstrate that, together, we can be a force”.

„17 years ago, we all recall the terror of witnessing how the Unites States-our ally, or partner- were attacked; it was an attack against democracy, freedom, the idea of humanity, and, respectively, an attack of which Romania thought, as all other democratic countries worldwide did: that we can’t stay aside, we must be alongside our partners”, the defence minister declared.

Also, the minister reminded that, following the attack on the USA, NATO activated for the first time in its history, Article 5 : „We, although Romania was not a NATO member state back then, immediately joined our partners”, added minister Mihai Fifor.

“I don’t think we could have chosen a better place for this commemoration ceremony other than Deveselu Military Base. Here, together with our American partners, we show the entire world that we are determined to provide an efficient defence on the North-Atlantic Alliance flank, a purely defensive facility, and - I emphasize this fact - a place where the Romanian soldiers work together with the US ones”, defence minister concluded.

After closing the ceremony, defence minister Mihai Fifor visited the Aegis Ashore missile defence complex and talked to the Romanian and US soldiers deployed at Deveselu Military Base.

As part of his visit to Deveselu garrison, minister Fifor and Ambassador Klemm met at Caracal City Hall with the representatives of the local authorities, the Mayor of Caracal Municipality, Radu Dumitru Liviu, the Mayor of Deveselu Commune, Ion Aliman, as well as with Olt County Deputy, Dan Ciocan.

The current development projects conducted up to present and the future plans were the topics tackled during the official talks, with the participation of the commanders of the main military structures located in the area.

Minister Fifor expressed his appreciation for the investments made by the local administrations in the infrastructure and utility projects shared by the military base and the local communities of Deveselu and Caracal.

In this context, Mihai Fifor thanked the City Hall and Local Council for agreeing upon MoND’s taking over the administration of the former military clinic which will be turned into a modern Diagnose and Treatment Medical Center.

After MoND finalizes investments, the Center will provide first-level healthcare to Caracal garrison and to the Romanian and US personnel working in Deveselu Military Base, to military reserve personnel but also to the civilian population, through the family medicine cabinets which will be established.

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