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The Day of Distinguished Visitors of the “INTEGRATOR 2004” tactical exercise organized by the 81st Mechanized Brigade in a sector of Alba, Arad, Bihor, Cluj, Bistita-Nasud and Hunedoara counties will be organized today, November 5, 04 in Cepari, Bistrita-Nasaud County.

The program of the Day enlists demonstrative exercises, visit of a show of armaments and visit to the working posts. Representatives of local public authorities, of structures from the national defence system, public order and national security, and journalists will be present to this event.

Brigade staff evaluated between November 1 and 5, 04 within “INTEGRATOR 2004” the combat cohesion of the commands and the sub-units and the Brigade capacity to independently develop the combat. In the same time they also checked how the units staffs solved the tactical situations near the field of fight taking into account the lessons learned in missions in Angola, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The activity also was a real way of implementing NATO’s command and control proceedings for ensuring the interoperability with the partners and the members of the North Atlantic Alliance.

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