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A festive meeting dedicated to the celebration of the National Day of Romania was organized Tuesday, November 30, 04 at the Ministry of National Defence Headquarters.

Opening the festivity minister of National Defence, Ioan Mircea Pascu stressed on the significance of this event and appreciated that the military institution proved its strength and firmness managing this period of time “to function with minimal influence of the political game so that we managed to keep an institutional behavior at the western standard and this, I assure you, remained not unobserved by those who are now our colleagues in NATO and tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will be our colleagues in the European Union”.

General Dr. Eugen Badalan, chief of General Staff underlined that the Great Union in December 1, 1918 was made due to the sacrifice of those who died on the fighting fields during the First World War and now we owe to pay them our homage and respects. “ The lessons of the past must never be forgotten or ignored; on this true and our desire to preserve and continue the ideal of the Great Union we have to perfect the process of transformation of the Armed Forces into modern Armed Forces fully compatible with those of our allies, able to participate to the preservation of the Romanian values and interests within the European and global picture”, General Badalan stated.

The celebration also consisted in a symposium with the participation of Ph.D. Maria Georgescu and Col. Ph. D. Petre Out, both of them researchers of the Institute for Political Studies of Defence and Military Strategy lectured on “Romania’s Neutrality. Political Class and the National Ideal” and “Romanian Armed Forces and the Ideal of the Union”.

“Professional Staff-Romanian Armed Forces at December 1, 2004” a documentary made by the Trust of Press of the Ministry of National Defence was presented at the end of this activity.

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