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Captain Eugen Isapas, PR officer of “Bolden Eagles” 281st Infantry Battalion dislocated in Kandahar, Afghanistan transmitted:

Thursday, December 2, 04 a patrol of the 281st Infantry Battalion in mission at about six kilometers East of Kandahar discovered an important depot of ammunitions and armaments.

The militaries led by Lieutenant Catalin Niga noticed during their move a number of 13 projectiles of 100 mm. After announcing the US demining team the Romanians secured the area and searched it entirely and discovered two depots of container type fully buried in the ground.

Together with the US team our militaries made the inventory of the ammunition and the armament they discovered, thus: a 100 mm gun, 3 recoilless guns, 91 launchers of 100 mm, 2 launchers of 82 mm, 4 reactive grenade launchers, 1 automatic launcher, 2 machine guns of 12.7 mm, 9 Bren guns, 11 rounds of 100 mm, 15 rockets for AG9 and 16 projectiles of more then 100 mm and 31 fuses.

The depot found out by the Romanian militaries is at about 500 meters far from the place where two weeks ago an Afghani military was arrested because he used to produce the explosive devices for the anti-coalition forces.

Few days ago the Romanian militaries during the patrol in their area of responsibility discovered another depot with more then 1000 boxes of ammunition, 20 bombs and 2 artillery projectiles.

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