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Wednesday, January 5, 05 in the memory of the Asian natural catastrophe victims, according to the decision of the Prime Minister of Romania as response to the appeal launched by the Luxembourg Presidency of the European Union in all the units, institutions and military formations the Flag of Romania will be hoisted at half-mast.

The flags in the units and on the buildings will be lowered on the mast at three quarters. The flags of the ships and the military boats will be hoisted at half mast and all the cultural, artistic and sport activities forseen for January 5, 05 will be re-planned for an other day.

In the theaters of operations the Romanian flag will be hoisted at half mast and the commanders will also fulfill the measures taken by the operational leadership of forces and will participate to all the activities organized for the commemoration of the victims of the Asian natural catastrophe.

A symbolic ceremony for hoisting the national flag of Romania at half mast will be organized Wednesday, January 5, 05 at 13.00 in Piata Tricolorului in Bucharest (in front of the Palace of the National Military Cercle).

Lieutenant Colonel Gelaledin Nezir, MoND Spokesman


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