Ministry of National Defence
Press release No. 80 03.04.2023
Talks on Romania's inclusion in the Visa Waiver Program

On Thursday, March 30, Minister of National Defence, Angel Tilvar, discussed during the meetings held within the US Congress, about the importance of Romania's inclusion in the Visa Waiver Program.

Angel Tilvar expressed his appreciation for the progress made at the level of the American legislature in order to include Romania in the Visa Waiver Program, by assuring that the Government of Romania will work closely with the US authorities to achieve this goal in the shortest possible time.

'Considering the excellent framework of cooperation between our countries, ensured, on multiple levels, by the Strategic Partnership, the inclusion of Romania - in the shortest possible time - in the Visa Waiver program will contribute to the increase of the collaboration level between our countries', minister Tilvar stated.

In this context, the Romanian minister mentioned the very good results of the eighth Meeting of the Strategic Dialogue between Romania and the United States of America, which took place in Bucharest, in March, whose final statement specifies that: 'Romania and The United States stay committed to working together to support Romania's efforts in meeting the criteria established by law for Romania's admission to the Visa Waiver program.'

On March 15, American senators Richard Durbin and Jeanne Shaheen introduced, in the Congress, a bill recommending the inclusion of Romania in the Visa Waiver Program. Entitled 'Romania Visa Waiver Act of 2023', the draft law represents an important legislative step that marks the support of the American Senate in the context of Romania's efforts of becoming a member state of this program.

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