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In the second day of the Informal Meeting of NATO Defence Ministers, the Romanian minister of National Defence, Teodor Atanasiu, stated in Nice, France, that the talks aimed at the strengthening of the Alliance’s role in the running of military operations.

As regarding the Afghanistan, the Ministers of Defence agreed that the operations of stabilization should be developed under a unique command and mainly focused on the economic reconstruction and the destruction of the narcotic fields. NATO members are also concerned about training and equipping the Iraqi security forces.

Atanasiu also said that NATO will continue to fight against terrorism by countering illegal naval traffic and this is why the “Active Endeavour” operation is developing now in the Mediterranean Sea. In Kosovo, KFOR will follow its aims, i. e. the discouraging of the Albanian and Serbian extremists.

Today, Atanasiu met his German counterpart, Peter Struck, and together expressed their appreciation of the very good cooperation between the countries soldiers in Afghanistan and the Balkans. Minister Struck suggested that the Romanian military policemen and the Engineering troops should participate together with the German soldiers in a program of reconstruction in Northern Afghanistan. Atanasiu mentioned that Romania will evaluate this suggestion regarding the military participation and the costs.

During the meeting with his Polish counterpart Jerzy Szmajdzinski they focused on the cooperation in the theaters of operations in Iraq, the Romanian participation to the European Security and Defence Policy after the signing of the Treaty of accession to the European Union and other aspects of security in the Balkans and the Black Sea region.

Teodor Atanasiu accepted the invitation made by Minister Andre Flahaut to visit the Kingdom of Belgium in April 2005.

The Romanian minister presented to his American counterpart Donald Rumsfeld the offer our country has in training the Iraqi security forces and in providing equipment made by the Romanian defence industry. Atanasiu declared to Rumsfeld the willingness Romania has in fulfilling her responsibilities in Iraq and Afghanistan in post elections period. “Rumsfeld confirmed that the Black Sea region is a priority too, for the United States and its solution means a more active role for Romania to play in this region” Minister Atanasiu stated at the end of the meeting.

Photos from the Informal Meeting of NATO Defence ministers can be accessed to section Foto-eveniment.

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