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President of Romania Decorated the Romanian Soldiers on Mission in Iraq

Sunday, March 27, 05 the President of Romania, Traian Basescu and the chief of General Staff, General Dr. Eugen Badalan visited the Romanian contingent deployed in Iraq.

Arriving at Talil airport, President Traian Basescu and General Eugen Badalan traveled on three coalition fighting helicopters to Ad Diwaniyah for the meeting with the Engineer and Intelligence Detachments working with the Multinational Division Central South led by Poland. They had a short meeting with General George W. Casey Jr., the MNFI commander and Major General Waldemar Krzypczac, the MND-CS commander and received a briefing on the evolution of the events in the Division area of responsibility and how the Romanian soldiers were fulfilling their missions.

President Basescu had lunch and discussed problems with the Romanian soldiers. For the courage and sacrifice, selfless service and initiative on the battlefield, President Basescu decorated Lieutenant Colonels Voicu Ion and Ganea Sorin with the highest military distinction, “Virtutea Militara”Order in Rank of Commander with sign of war. “Virtutea Militara” Order in Rank of Officer with sign of war was given by Presidential Decree to Major Tudorache Cornel, and the NCO Cojocariu Florentin received the “Manhood and Loyalty” Medal Ist Class with sign of war. Each Romanian soldier received a gift from the President, a penknife with the inscription “Iraq 2005” and “Given by the President of Romania” and the badge of participation in the Iraq mission.

Another point on the Presidential agenda was Mittica camp where the 2nd Infantry Battalion “Calugareni” and the Military Police Company are deployed. After the meeting with Major General Joseph P. Riley, the Multinational Division South East commander and Brigade General Giovani Battista Borini, the Joint Italian Force commander, President Traian Basescu met the Romanian soldiers and visited their area.

During a short ceremony, Captain Galan Gabriel was decorated with “Virtutea Militara” Order in Rank of Officer with sign of war and Lieutenants Calin Alexandru and Manea Mihai with “Virtutea Militara” Order in Rank of Knight with sign of war.
President Basescu talked with the soldiers and broke red eggs with those that celebrated Easter on Sunday in the theater of operations.

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