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A team of 27 Irqi officers will attend a training programme this summer, at the National Defence University in Bucharest, according to General Eugen Badalan, Chief of General Staff, Romanian Armed Forces, in a statement made at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, during the Military Committee Meeting, on May 12th.

“There are more than 40 Romanian military instructors in Iraq, and the security of the Iraqi Army Training Center is ensured by Romanian troops. Romania’s contribution in this field is renown among our allies,” the Romanian official said.

General Badalan stressed that the chiefs of defence of the NATO member countries considered Romania has had a substantial participation in peacekeeping operations and in the fight against terrorism, not only through the numbers of troops deployed, but also through its presence in all the major theatres of operations: Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Regarding the Romanian armed forces stage of transformation, General Badalan said Romania is no longer just a beneficiary of the lessons learned but, in its turn, provides solutions to problems not yet solved by the armed forces of other countries.

General Badalan appreciated that the Military Committee Meeting was an opportunity to address major issues concerning Alliance Transformation and to identify solutions to common procedures of organization, command and logistical support of the troops deployed to theatres of operation.

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