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The Ministry of National Defence forces with their equipment continue to act for helping the victims of floods and their effects in Bacau, Vrancea, Galati, Buzau and Braila counties.

Thus, a transport with construction materials (10 tons of cement, 28 rolls of asphalt cardboard), 2 tons of food, 200 pairs of rubber boots and cloths went this morning from the Administrative and Services Directorate. By the help of the churches from Nanesti and Maicanesti the helps were directly orientated towards the most affected people. More then 30 tons were transported to other places in Braila county on July 20, when the Ministry of National Defence, Teodor Atansiu, was present at the departure of this transport. For next week the Administrative and Services Directorate is preparing another transport with humanitarian helps.

Also, about 200 soldiers from Barlad, Bacau, Piatra Neamt, Bucuresti and Iasi are working in Comanesti, Ciobanus, and Asau area for un-clogging the yards, the communication ways and ditches and for the reconstruction of roads affected by the alluvia and repair of a bridge across Trotus river.

The soldiers from Focsani are transporting and distributing the helps in Vama Focasni, Dumitresti and Chiojdeni and in Maracineni. About 65 engineers from Buzau are repairing one of the three bridges on wooden support and the works should be ended this week.

In Cosmesti, Galati county on two campaign kitchens they are daily cooking and deliver about 800 portions of food and in Braila county the soldiers from the 10th Engineering Brigade work in repairing the road between Latinu and Maximeni Monastery.

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