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The leadership of the 26th Infantry Battalion “Neagoe Basarab” – also known as the “Red Scorpions” – deployed in Afghanistan for the duration of the preparations and supervision of the election process, visited the “US Dragon” company in Camp Phoenix. The American company, whose structure, capabilities and mission range were presented to the Romanian commander, will operate within the Romanian battalion for three months.

“It is a great honor for me and my men to have you here, beside us, for this mission and I am sure our military will work very well together” said the Romanian commander.

In his turn, the American commander said: “We trust working with the Romanian Battalion, as we heard extraordinary things about you from our colleagues with whom you conducted missions in Afghanistan, three years ago”.

Established almost 11 years ago, the 26th Infantry Battalion "Neagoe Basarab" conducted different missions in Angola (1996), Albania (1997), Kosovo (2002), Afghanistan (2002) and Iraq (2004).

They also participated in international exercises conducted at home and abroad in Greece, the USA, Bulgaria, the Bosnia and Herzegovina Republic and Kosovo.

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