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Romanian Engineers in Iraq

“It was an honor for me to command excellent specialists like you” stated Major General Piotr Czerwinski, commander of the Multinational Division Center South during the authority transfer ceremony between the Romanian Engineering Detachments IRAK IV and IRAK V, Sunday, September 4 in Echo Camp, Ad Diwanyiah.

A delegation from the 2nd Joint Operational Command headed by Colonel Constantin Ajitaritei also participated to this ceremony. As sign of respect for the support granted during their mission, Colonel Ajitaritei offered to the Polish General a cap embroiled with the sign of the 2nd Joint Operational Command, and Czerwinski wore the cap during the ceremony.

At the end of the mission in Iraq, Lieutenant Colonel Gheorghe Sorin, the Irak IV commander, thanked to the soldiers he had in his subordination for six months: “ Together we managed to fulfill the missions the commander of the Multinational Division Center South ordered. The Romanian Engineering troops proved once again their skill and real professionalism by achieving the objectives in their area of responsibility . I wish good luck to “Irak V” mission!”

At his turn, Major Dan Cosma, the new commander of the Engineering Detachment re-affirmed the wish the troops have for the fulfillment of the trusted mission. “I am convinced we are going to succeed in our missions by gaining the respect of the coalition partners.”

In the last six months, the Romanians fulfilled about 90 missions consisting in : repair of roads, arrange of platforms for helicopters, maintenance of bridges, construct of engineering elements for the increase of force protection in Echo and Charlie camps and engineering missions for the Iraqi forces.

The 149 Romanians are integrated within the Multinational Division Center South together with soldiers from Armenia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Kazahstan, Latvia, Mongolia, Norway, Poland, Salvador, Slovakia, United States and Ukraine.
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