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British General at the Red Scorpions’ Camp in Afghanistan

“The deployment of the Red Scorpions was highly efficient which resulted in a low rate of threats during the elections” said the British Major General Roger Lane, Deputy Commander ISAF VIII, at the end of his visit at the camp of the 26th Infantry Battalion in Kabul.

“After the election results will be published [the votes counted], there will be disappointed people which means we have to stay vigilant until the end of the entire process”, added Lane.
The General visited the operations, resources and communications centers and was informed on the general and local situation in the Romanian soldiers’ area of responsibility and on the ongoing missions. Lane appreciated the pragmatism and professionalism of a unit commander, Lieutenant Gabriel Burdušel in presenting the detailed preparation of their next patrol mission.
During the discussions with his hosts, the ISAF deputy commander mentioned the visit he made to Romania in 1997, as battalion commander, a training activity he conducted together with Romanian mountain troops.
Lane had an outstanding career in the British Commando troops. In 2002 he was in command of the Royal Marines in Afghanistan, within JACANA Operation. He was decorated with the U.S. “Bronze Star” and the “Commander of the British Empire” Order.

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