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Romanian Soldiers as Seen by Afghani Children in Their Drawings

It seems that Afghani children have been impressed by the Romanian soldiers that are part of the ISAF Mission. During one of their patrol missions in Kabul, a child gave a Romanian soldier a drawing representing a Romanian military vehicle, bearing the inscription “ISAF – Romania” and the flag of Romania.

The young “artist” may have been inspired by the fact that the Romanian troops within the ISAF mission assist the Afghani armed and police forces in securing the environment during the election period. On the other hand, Romanian troops from the ANA Training Detachment train Afghani soldiers in military specialties such as infantry, recce, tanks, communications and logistics.

The drawing of the Afghani child eventually reached one of members of the delegation led by the Minister of National Defence, Teodor Atanasiu, and the Chief of the General Staff, General Dr. Eugen Bădălan, who visited the theaters of operation in Iraq and Afghanistan from 26 to 28 September. The drawing of the Afghani child (in .jpg format), as well as additional information on the visit of the delegation in the theaters of operations can be seen at

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Actualizare: 23.02.2019