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Iraqi Child Saved with Red Scorpions Contribution

One patrol squad from the 20th Infantry Battalion, “The Red Scorpions”, participated last week in the salvation of an Iraqi child, shot in the shoulder.

The Romanian troops were in a traffic check point on a road near Umm Aniesh, the province of Dhi Qar.

The squad leader, Lieutenant Laurențiu Lică, was requested by the American partners to secure the MEDEVAC helicopter landing perimeter. Thus, the boy could be safely taken from his relatives, who had driven him up to that area.

The Scorpions quickly took their positions to secure the landing of the helicopter. An American team gave the boy the first aid, then he was taken by the helicopter to the American Field Hospital in Tallil for surgical intervention.

”The child had lost a lot of blood and his life was in danger. I am happy that my squad and I helped in saving the boy”, said “Mittica” Lieutenant Lică when they returned to the camp.

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Actualizare: 21.02.2019