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Record-seize in Afghanistan

On October 5, a Romanian ANA Training mobile escort team, working with 261 Afghan and two American troops, succeeded in seizing more than three tons of hashish, ammunition and weapons in a search mission covering an area of 90 square kilometers in Paktia district, about 100 km south of Kabul.

The seize consisted of 3.3 tons of hashish, 70 hand grenades, 90 grenade heads, about 15,000 cartridges, one AG-7 grenade thrower with four explosive hits, one gun projectile, one 37 mm thrower, six light machine guns, two carbines and one machine gun. A hashish crop extending on an area of about 5,000 square kilometers was also found.

ANA Training IV Detachment, included in the ENDURING FREEDOM mission, is made up of 46 Romanian military whose main tasks are to train the Afghan military in specific military drills and to join Afghan National Armed Forces’ units in various missions.

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