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Celebration of the Day of the Romanian Armed Forces

Occasioned by the celebration of the Day of the Romanian Armed Forces - October 25 – the Ministry of National Defence will organize a series of activities, thus:

- Military Publishing House will officially open the book show “Polemos” , Wednesday, October 19, at 13.00 hours at the Art Gallery of the National Military Circle joining Romanian important publishing houses and publications.

- National Military Museum will host October 19 and 23, an exhibition of books and the Day of the Romanian Armed Forces the public can visit this institution free of charge.

- A military and religious ceremony and the lay of wreaths will be organized October 22, starting 11.00 hours at Carei Monumental Ensemble, Satu Mare County.

- October 23, between 11.00 and 15.00 hours the public can visit the Palace of the National Military Circle occasioned by the Day of the Open Doors.

- Staffs of services, commands, big units and military units from the entire territory of the country will organize October 22 and 25, the military ceremony at the monuments of heroes, festive meetings during which they will read the order of the minister of National Defence. Also, they will organize cultural and artistic activities, symposiums, meetings with veterans, shows, gala of movies and performances. October 24 and 25 the military maritime and river ships will dress over all.

- Exhibitions of books, publications and photos with military themes and laying of wreaths at the Romanian soldiers cementaries and monuments will be organized in the countries Romania has accredited military attaches.

- In the theaters of operations, the Romanian soldiers will celebrate the Day of the Romanian Armed Forces organizing military ceremonies and cultural and sport activities with the participation of the multinational coalition partners.

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