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2006 – year of transition for a complete professionalisation of the Romanian Armed Forces

The meeting of the Commission of Defence, Public Order and National Security of the Romanian Senate was held today at the MoND HQ in the presence of Minister Teodor Atanasiu, State Secretaries and deputy Chief of General Staff and other important leaders.
The debates were mainly focused on the implications of the renouncement January 1, 2007 to the compulsory military service, stage of adoption of MoND organizatorical law, other important legislative drafts, MoND priorities for the future period of time and some aspects of MoND budget draft for 2006.

Atanasiu said that at the level of the Ministry of National Defence they are studying the possibility for the young people to be enlisted in 2006, year of transition to a military service based on voluntariate, to have the possibility to choose for becoming professional soldiers after a four months period of training. Minister also mentioned the necessity in the perspective of renouncement to the compulsory military service to pay attention to the measures for increasing the attractiveness of the military career on the labor market. In this respect a special role will have the adoption of the law on professional soldiers and NCOs, i. e. the training of population for defence.

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