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In November 10, 2005 we celebrate 162 years since the first artillery battery for “serving for good order and peace of the people” was founded by Gheorghe Dimitrie Bibescu Porunca domneasca (King’s Order)

The Artillery substantially contributed to the Romanian Armed Forces victories gained in the War of Independence and the two World Wars, having distinct stages of modernization according to the evolutions of the military think and the modifications of combatfield characteristics.

Theoretical and practical training of artillerymen equipped with the last generation equipment was proved this autumn during DEMEX 05 exercise for the Romanian Army capacity in carrying out the defense and offensive actions according to NATO standards.

During the recent international show of defence technique and technology, EXPOMIL 05, it was spotlighted the tendency to pass to rocket launchers, from target vision optical instruments to electrono-optical systems with night vision and thermal detection devices. The Artillery is able to hit targets up to about 40 km and in the firing place the GPS automatically determines the station place coordinates. The artillery fire is made by a computer system integrating the combat elements.

The message of the chief of Army Staff addressed to the artillerymen, a documentary with the Romanian Artillery historical reference points, photos and videos can be accessed on

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