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Chief of Navy Staff on board of “Regele Ferdinand” frigate

Rear-Admiral Dr. Gheorghe Marin, chief of Navy Staff will visit between November 29 and December, 2005 on “Regele Ferdinand” frigate during its stop in Taranto Bay, Italy.

During the visit Rear-Admiral Marin will be informed on frigate missions and activities and will evaluate its logistic support efficiency in the theater of operations.

Participation of the Romanian frigate in operations will be also analyzed during the meeting between Rear-Admiral Marin and Rear-Admiral Roberto Cesaretti, Maritime Compound commander of Joint Allied Command, Naples, planning and coordinating “Active Endeavour” operation in the Mediterranean Sea.

“Regele Ferdinand” frigate left Romania in October 5 and starting October 15 entered under NATO operational command and participates in “Active Endeavour” operation till December 15, 2005.

The ship is the first of the two type 22 frigates recently purchased by the Romanian Navy and its crew consists in 19 officers, 73 NCOs and 110 contract military personnel.

The characteristics of this ship are: displacement-4,900tdw, long-148.2m, breadth-14.75m, maximum speed-30Nd, maximum draught-4.6m, number of decks-7, autonomy-4,500Mm and armament: 76mm Otto Melara gun, torpedoes installations, computer assisted command system, TERMA passive jamming equipment, electronic warfare systems and 9 radar systems. The propulsion consists in four Rolls Royce turbines, four Diesel generators of 1MW at 450V/60Hz/ 3 phases, air condition system, deposit and refrigeration facilities for 90 days of navigation.

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