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Atanasiu-Rumsfeld Meeting

Teodor Atanasiu, Romanian Minister of National Defence and US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld expressed their satisfaction for the near future sign of the Romanian-American Agreement on installing military US facilities on Romanian territory. The two ministers met Monday evening during the South East Defence Ministerial planned for today, December 6 in Washington DC.

During the talks the US Secretary of Defence appreciated the role Romania played in the combat against international terrorism and talked with Minister Atanasiu about the regional reconstruction in Afghanistan and the Romanian soldiers taking over the control of Kabul international airport, in spring, next year.

During the Washington DC reunion, today, they will analyze the stage and the perspectives of SEDM initiative having in view the regional security evolution. An important moment will be represented by the sign of the agreement of SEEBRIG deployment in 2006 for missions within ISAF in Afghanistan.

SEDM initiative launched in March 1996 aims to promote the regional cooperation and neighborliness, increase of defensive capacity and cooperation by collective efforts and facilitation of integration within the Euro-Atlantic institutions.

Participating states in this initiative are: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, FYROM, Romania and Turkey. As observers in political and military consultations are Croatia, Slovenia and USA.

By rotation, all the initiative member states hold SEDM – CC and PSMC presidency and the SEEBRIG command, for two years.

In Constanta, Romania, where the SEEBRIG command is for 2003-07 occurred in July 1, 2005 the receive ceremony of political and military presidency and SEEBRIG military command, now being held by Albania and Bulgaria.

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