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Black Sea – An Important Region for the Euro-Atlantic Community

Strengthening of the transatlantic partnership within the new challenges, NATO’s role in peacekeeping and anti terrorism policy, agenda of global security ( energetic security, cooperation with Russian Federation, evolutions in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions) were the aspects analyzed by the 35 ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence from the European states and the United States of America in the Annual Conference on Policy of Security occurred in Munich.

The Romanian minister of Defence stressed on the new opportunity of dialogue and partnership within the transforming environment of the Euro-Atlantic security, the utility of NATO-EU cooperation for ensuring the European security and couterring the new threats. In Munich, Teodor Atanasiu evoked the Romania’s approach of the processes of democratization and stability in the enlarged Black Sea region focusing on the importance this region represents for the Euro-Atlantic community.

In the same Conference minister Atanasiu presented the Romanian contribution in the international missions in the Western Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq enumerating some capability that our country could offer for the development of different international missions (NATO, EU, UN, OSCE).

Minister of National Defence Teodor Atanasiu participated between February 3 and 5 in the 42nd Annual conference for policy of security occurred in Munich with ”Europe and the United States of America – strengthening the transatlantic partnership” as the main theme of debates.

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