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Support granted by the Romanian soldiers to the Iraqi population affected by floods

The last heavy rains and the overflowing of Euphrates river in Dhi Qar province, the 280th Infantry Battalion area of responsibility, represented for the Romanians the possibility to have closer contacts with the local community offering them the drinkable water from their own supplies.

The Romanian infantrymen ended till now, within the reconstruction of Iraq, the project of civil-military cooperation (CIMIC) in worth of US $200000 and are engaged in the development of 12 other projects estimated to more then one million USD. The 280th Infantry Battalion distributed to the local population the relieves in total worth US $ 50 000 from the Coalition funds. The meeting with the local leaders in the local councils or the Romanian camp helped in consolidating the environment of security in the region.

In their first month of activity in Iraq the Romanian soldiers fulfilled about 200 missions of patrol, CIMIC actions and training of the Iraqi armed forces, Camp Mittica guard and security of the main routes crossing the province.

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