Deputy Chief of General Staff

Lieutenant General Adrian Tonea 


Personal data:

Date of birth: January 23, 1961
Place of birth: Răsmireşti, Teleorman County
Citizenship: Romanian
Civilian status: Married, a daughter



Education and further development:

2011-Post-academic course for the further development of the didactic personnel, Psychology and Education Science Faculty, Bucharest University;
2010-Assosciate Professor, Land Forces Academy, Sibiu;
2010-Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, USA;
2008- National Security and Defence Course, National Defence College, NDU;
2007-Introduction to NATO, NATO Defence College& NDA;
2005- English Language Course, Canada;
2003-Ph.D. in Military Science;
2002-Intensive English Language Further-development Course, NDU;
2000-Post-academic Further-development Course for the command of the Land Forces formations, Command and Staff College, NDU;
1999-Post-academic Course in The Quality, Reliability and Maintenance of the Technical Systems, Polytechnic University, Bucharest;
1991-Academy for Advanced Military Studies, Combined Arms and Armor Section, Bachelor of Science in Military Science;
1986-Company Commander Further-development Course, Infantry Application School;
1982-Active-duty Commissioned Officer School Nicolae Bălcescu;
1979-Dimitrie Cantemir Military High-school, Breaza.




Since January 12, 2015- Acting Deputy Chief of General Staff
2014-Commander of 4 “Gemina” Infantry Division
2012-Commander of the national contingent and Deputy Commander for NATO Operations of “Combined Task Force Arrowhead”, Afghanistan theater of operations;
2011-Commander of 282 “Unirea Principatelor” Mechanized Infantry Brigade;
2009- Command Team Leader, Land Forces Staff;
2008- Deputy for Support Operations, Operational Ground Component;
2007-Deputy for Operations, Ground Operational Component;
2005- Chief of International Relations Section, Land Forces Staff;
2003- Chief of Intelligence, 2 “Mareşal Alexandru Averescu” Joint Operational Command;
2002-Recconaissance Battalion Commander, 1 Army Corps;
2000-Chief of Reconnaissance Office, 1 Territorial Army Corps;
1998- Reconnaissance Battalion Commander, 1 Army Corps;
1994- Reconnaissance Battalion Commander, 1 Territorial Army Corps;
1992- Reconnaissance Battalion Commander, 57 Armor Division;
1991-Infantry Battalion Commander, 22 Armor Regiment;
1989-Student, Academy for Advanced Military Studies;
1982-Platoon leader and Company Commander, 22 Armor Regiment, 1 Army Command.



Distinctions and Awards:

“Virtutea Militară” National Order in the rank of Knight;
The Romanian Armed Forces Emblem of Honor, with the war mark;
The Romanian Armed Forces Emblem of Honor, with the peace mark;
The General Staff Emblem of Honor;
The Land Forces Emblem of Honor;
“În Slujba Păcii” Emblem of Merit, IIIrd class;
“În Slujba Armatei României” Emblem of Merit;
“Ştiinţă Militară” Emblem of Merit, Ist class;
“Serviciul Credincios” National Medal, III rd class;
“Meritul Militar” Award, IInd class;
“Meritul Militar” Award, IIIrd class;
“În Serviciul Armatei” Honorary Sign-XV, XX, XXV;
“Non Article V” NATO Medal.



Foreign Languages:


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