Real Estate and Infrastructure Directorate



A. The main mission:
Real Estate and Infrastructure Directorate is the structure of Ministry of National Defense that perform the obligations and the responsibilities given by the Law as the owner and administrator of the ministry’ real estate property.
The Real Estate and Infrastructure Directorate coordinates the entire real estate and infrastructure system by issuing technical regulations, norms, procedures and orders.  The Real Estate and Infrastructure Directorate is the only authority which promotes the specific normative acts in its field of activity. Also, directly or through its subordinate units, performs the control regarding the military base and facilities use, while obeing the specific military regulations.  

B. Responsibilities and fields of competence:
- The administration of the private and public real estate property that belongs to the Ministry of National Defense;
- The elaboration of the policy regarding the real estate property, its upgrade, development, maintenance or its reduction through real estate projects and programs, specific to the ministry;
- The representation of the interest of the Ministry of National Defense, in its relations with the other Governmental institutions, at inter-ministerial level, with local and central administrative authorities and with foreign army forces;
- Construction quality state control and town planning and territory arrangement control in the Ministry of National Defense;
- The exert of the obligations and responsibilities, according to the owner laws;
- The elaboration of the specific judicial acts, the issue of technical standards, disposals, elaborations and the coordination of the above mentioned implementation in the entire administration system, the exploitation and the maintenance of the ministry’s real estate and infrastructure;
- The control regarding the way military base and facilities are used, the maintenance/repair status of the real estate property disposed to the other army forces (or similar).




Brigadier General NISTOR GHEORGHE – Chief of Real Estate and Infrastructure Directorate
Colonel eng. BĂLAŞA PAUL – Deputy Chief of Real Estate and Infrastructure Directorate


- 5 Real Estate and Infrastructure Centers
- Emergency Situations Intervention Center
- Military Construction Design Center



Address: Bucharest, 7B Drumul Taberei Str, cod 061352
Tel: 021/319.58.58 int. 3009/3008
     OSU: 021/313.70.57
      fax: 021/319.81.52.
E-mail :

Working hours : 08.00 - 16.00

Audiences : Thursday between 14.00 - 16.00
Public Relation Officer : Mr. Sterian Daniela



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