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“DUNAREA ‘06” – Romanian complex joint exercise

“DUNAREA 06” exercise takes place between June 19 and 23, 2006 in Macin area, with the participation of 600 soldiers from the Navy, Army and the Air Force and 24 ships of different classes (monitor type, armoured fast boat, and fluvial fast boat).

During the five days the soldiers train in joint to practice repelling of paramilitary groups, control of river navigation, countering the illegal traffic of armament, drugs, explosives and persons as well as the organization and development of the search and rescue operations on the river and the sea and the adjacent areas.

Characteristics of the monitor type ships: displacement –522 t; length-52 m; draught-1.7m. Armament: 2 100mm calibre guns; 32 STRELA 2M anti-aircraft missiles; 2 installations of four-barrels anti-aircraft machine guns; 2 installations of reactive projectile launchers with 40 tubes; 2 30mm caliber guns with two barrels. Propulsion: 2 main 2200 HP engines, speed-32 km/h. Crew: 58 soldiers. Autonomy: 7 days. Action-1,000 km.

Characteristics of the armoured fast boat: displacement-322 t; length-44.50; width- 8m; draught-1.30m. Armament: 1 100mm caliber gun; 2 ACV installations; 2 installations of four-barrel anti-aircraft machine guns; 2 installations of reactive projectile launchers with 40 tubes each; 1 30 mm caliber twin gun. Propulsion: 3 main 1200 HP engines, speed 31km/h; Crew: 47. Autonomy: 3 days. Action: 500km.

Characteristics of the river fast boat: dispalcement-95t, length-33m, width-5m, draught-0.8 . Armament: one installation of four-barrel anti aircraft machine gun, 1 30mm caliber twin gun. Propulsion: 2 engines. Speed: 24 km/h. Crew: 18 militaries.

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