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The Press Office of the Ministry of National Defense is authorized to make the following statement on the request of the Domino Film production for the military, necessary to shoot the movie “Restul e tacere”:

In May 2006, SC Domino Film SRL asked the MoND “ for only 300 soldiers for July 3 and 20, 2006 and 150 soldiers for four days in the same period of time. Domino Film’s production manager specified the fact that having in view the cost of the work with the contract hired personnel and the own budgetary constrains, he prefers “ the use of the conscripts”.

The Romanian General Staff answered to Domino Film that this request can not be honored due to the small number of the conscripts existing in the military units around the shooting area, in a period when the transition from the compulsory military service to the one based on voluntary is going to be ended.

In June, Domino Film asked again for 150 conscripts for three days, between July 10 and 15, 2006. Domino Film general director made the statement that in case of a negative solution, he would like to have the support in selecting and urgently training of 150 civilians to participate in the shootings. The Ministry of National Defense will shortly answer to this request.

For the right understanding of the issue to set the conscripts at disposal, we consider it is necessary to make the statement that it is true, there was a time – easy to be identified in the Romanian history – when the armed forces consisted in 300,000 soldiers, many of them being the conscripts, and having the tasks to pick up the crops and to work in the national economy building sites.

The more complex and multiple missions the armed forces has to fulfill now, this being a priority, according to the Article 118 of the Romanian Constitution and the specific of this period of time, marked by the considerable reduction of conscripts as result of the complete turn, from January 1, 2007 to the military service based on voluntary, make very limited the MoND possibility to set at disposal the conscripts for shooting.

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