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Military Policemen at the end of their mission in Iraq

The Italian commanders thanked to the Romanian military from the Irak 6 MP Company for the esprit de corps and bravery they proved during the actions developed in missions. The ceremony occurred yesterday in Camp Mittica, near An Nassiriyah.

Brigade General Carmino De Pascale, the “Garibaldi” Brigade and Colonel Giovani Truglio, the MSU Regiment commander pointed the way the Romanian MP implied in the establishment of an environment of stability and security in the South of Iraq and expressed their belief in a continuos future cooperation between the Romanians and the Italians based on professionalism and bravery.

At his turn, Brigade General Ion Chiranescu, deputy commander of the 2nd Joint Operational Command stressed on the common action between the military from the two countries in the Iraqi theater of operations as a symbol of the Romanian-Italian friendship.

During the ceremony the Romanian MP were awarded with diplomas and badges remembering their participation in “Antica Babilonia” mission.

the military from the Irak 6 Military Police Company, commanded by Captain Antonel Tugui, between January and July 2006, fulfilled about 550 missions of escort of convoys, guard of Mittica Camp, patrol for detecting the enemy positions, medical assistance and monitorisation of the police activity and training of the Iraqi forces of security.

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