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Graduation and promotion in rank at the Military Technical Academy

The Military Technical Academy from Bucharest organizes Friday, August 18, 2006 at 9 a.m. the celebration of graduation of the “Carol I” Promotion 2006 of officer-Engineers. During the ceremony the students ending the fourth year of studies will be promoted in rank of Second Lieutenant.

Guests in this event are the representatives of the Ministry of Defense, military and civil officials, relatives and friends.

This occasion, the graduates will plant a “Magnolia Yellowriver” tree and the guests will visit the exhibition of the main scientific achievement of the Military Technical Academy.

According to the results gained during the fife years of study, the chiefs of “Carol I” 2006 promotion of the Military Technical Academy are:
Faculty of Military Electronic and Information Systems:
- Second Lieutenant Gheorghe Alexandru NACEA – Transmissions;
- Second Lieutenant Viorel Catalin Radu SOPORAN – Electronics of Missiles and Anti-Air Artillery;
- Second Lieutenant Dumitru Radu Andrei BULIE – Systems and Equipment of Automatization of Leading of the Military Organizations;
Faculty of Integrated Systems of Armaments:
- Second Lieutenant Sidor Igor ALBOT – Ammunition, Missiles, Explosives and Powders;
- Second Lieutenant Victor Cosmin Emanuel SLUJITORU – Topogeodesy and Automatization of Topogeodesy;
- Second Lieutenant Gheorghe Gheorghe Romulus TURBATU – Constructions and Fortifications;
- Second Lieutenant Valentin Denis ILCENCO – Aviation Equipment and Installation;
- Second Lieutenant Dorel Alin Marin PUNCIOIU – Armoured Vehicles, Cars and Tractors.

Person of contact: Captain Cezar Stroe. Cell phone: 0722583993.

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