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Details on the Air Incident

The crew of the helicopter that has crushed today, October 24, in the waters of the storage dam of Golesti, Arges County, was made up of two pilots, Capt. (AF) Adrian Marinescu and First Lieutenant Adrian Cioarba, and a flight mechanic, Warrant Officer Constantin Hurchi.

Capt. Adrian Marinescu was born on February 15, 1962. He flew over 2,600 hours, including 2,400 with Puma helicopters. He became an officer in 1984, pilot 1st class, then a flight trainer in all weather conditions and is now chief of an Air Force Staff section. In April through July 2006 he was the Commander of Kabul International Airport, Afghanistan.

First Lieutenant Adrian Cioarba was born on February 11, 1979. He became an officer in 2001 and a helicopter pilot in 2004. He flew 108 hours, out of which 58 with Puma helicopters.

Warrant Officer Constantin Hurchi was born on July 30, 1967 and became a flight mechanic in 1990.

The helicopter crushed during a training flight and had no weapons and ammunition onboard.

The Ministry of Defence will make every effort to find the members of the crew and a medical evacuation helicopter took off to the place of the incident.

The conditions in which the incident occurred are investigated by a board of Air Force specialists and military prosecutors.

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