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At the MoD, a festivity dedicated to the accession of Romania to the European Union

The accession of Romania to the European Union was marked Friday, December 29, 2006 at the Headquarters of the Ministry of Defense. The flags of Romania and the European Union have been carried by the military of the 30th Guard and Protocol Regiment “Mihai Viteazu” and the Representative Band of the Ministry of Defense have tuned the hymns of Romania and the European Union.

In his speech, the Minister of Defense, Sorin Frunzaverde underlined that Romania ends by its accession to the European Union the process of accession in the European area as “an excellent politic, diplomatic and military approach supported by most of the Romanians”.

This occasion, Minister Sorin Frunzaverde stated that the accession of Romania in NATO represented the marking moment for our accession in the European Union. “ The presence of our military in the international missions together with their comrades from the North Atlantic Alliance countries, in their majority being members of the European Union, was the prove that Romania wants and can be part of the Union based on the system of values of democracy and freedom and the reform of the Romanian armed forces was one of the decisive elements of domestic policy for the accession in NATO and the European Union” stated the Minister of Defense.

Sorin Frunzaverde also stated that, from the military point of view, Romania is integrated in the European Policy of Security and Defense and the Romanian military forces are present in the Catalogue of Forces 2007, and our country becomes the member of the European Agency of Defense.

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