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Awards for 2006 for the publications on the naval domain

The awards ceremony of the Club of Admirals for publications on the naval domain issued in 2006 will occur Friday, February 16, at 1 p.m. in the Byzantine Hall at the National Military Cercle.

They will grant the prizes for : naval theory and military science, naval science and techniques, law, maritime and river history and geography, maritime navigation and activity in bays and the encyclopedia and the maritime journalism. The Club of Admirals will grant the Prize “Officer of the Year 2006” to Commander Alexandru Marsu for the success of the mission of command of BLACKSEAFOR.

The album “Admiral Gheorghe ANGHELESCU at 70 years” issued by the Museum of the Romanian Navy in collection “DESTINE SUB MARELE PAVOAZ” will be showed for the public.

The Club of Admirals is an autonomous non-political organization, aiming to affirm and maintain friendly relations between the Romanian Admirals and to stimulate their concerns in studies, synthesis, memoirs, works of reference on the Navy.

The Association aims to develop the relations of cooperation and respect between the Admirals on duty and the retired or reserve Admirals; to establish and develop the relations of cooperation with similar organizations from other states; to develop the concerns on journalism on the Navy; to grant honorific distinctions, diplomas, booklets, badges, letters.

President of the Association is (ret) Admiral Gheorghe Anghelescu.

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