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Minister of Defence will visit the 52nd Engineering Battalion “TISA”, in Satu Mare

Minister of Defense, Teodor Melescanu and the Chief of the General Staff, Admiral Gheorghe Marin will visit tomorrow, May 6, the 52nd Engineering Battalion “TISA” deployed in Satu Mare.

The MoD leadership will be informed on the operationalization level of the Romanian module of the Engineering Multinational Battalion and will meet the unit’s personnel.

Mister Teodor Melescanu will be accompanied by the Chief of the Army Staff, Lieutenant General Teodor Frunzeti and the representatives of the Ministry of Defence. The program of the visit also consists in meeting the officials of the local administration.

The Engineering Multinational Battalion “TISA” is the result of the Initiative of Regional Cooperation between Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Romania and was established for the participation in helping the affected population and its goods, limitation and do away with the effects of the natural disasters.

The Agreement of establishment of the Engineering Multinational Battalion “TISA” was signed on January 18, 2002 in Budapest, by the Ministers of Defense of the four participating states and was ratified by the Law no. 583/ October 24, 2002. A Technical Agreement was signed by the four Ministers of Defence for this Law setting into practice.

The Unit is participating to limit and do away with the effects of disaster, with the approval of the competent authorities, and according to the internal laws of the respective parts as a result of the official request send by the affected nation. According to the Agreement the executive authorities are the Ministers of Defence of the four participating states.

The Battalion consists of a multinational command and the national contingents, in total comprising 800 military. The contribution with effective is almost similar for every part, based on the organizatoric structures, according to the national regulations. In case of real intervention, the Unit’s command is ensured by the commander of the Battalion of the affected country.

The Romanian module, part of the Regional Initiative “TISA” comprises about 200 professional military and the adequate equipment and is part of the 52nd Engineering Battalion subordinated to the 4th Territorial Army Corps “Maresal Constantin Prezan”. It had actions during the floods in Banat, in spring of 2005.

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