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SEEBRIG Command move ceremony

The SEEBRIG Command moved from Constanta to Istanbul will be marked by a military ceremony, Thursday, May 31 at 12:00 a.m. on the plateau in front of the Casino in Constanta.

The political and military representatives of the states comprised in the MPFSEE regional initiative, Romanian officials and representatives of Constanta authorities are invited to participate in this festivity.

SEEBRIG Command is in Constanta since 2003 and Romania contributed to the Brigade structure with one Infantry Battalion, one Engineering Company, one Reconnaissance Platoon, one Transport Platoon and a team of Staff officers and NCOs. As the Host Nation, between 2003 and 2007, Romania also ensured two Support Sub-units ( a Staff Company and a Signaling Company).

After the operational capability evaluation made by NATO, the SEEBRIG was declared as operational, in October 2004. The SEEBRIG package of forces was send to NATO and the European Union for they to have them in view for the participation in peace supporting operations led by the Alliance or the Union.

The SEEBRIG Command and two Support Sub-units ( manned with 233 Romanian military) participated for six months, in 2006, in ISAF, under the UN mandate and was operationally led by NATO. The Brigade had the mission to lead the operations of security and assistance in the Afghani capital, Kabul, and around, and to support the Government in maintaining a stable environment of security.

The Initiative of the Process of Reunions of the Southeastern Defense Ministers (SEDM) was launched in March 1996, to promote the regional cooperation and neighborliness, the development of defensive capacity, the cooperation through collective efforts and facilitation of the integration within the Euro-Atlantic institutions. The participants in this initiative are Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, FYROM, Romania and Turkey. In the political and military consultations, as observers, are participating the following states: Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine and the United States of America.

The Presidency of the Committee of Coordination of the Process of Southeastern Europe Defense Ministers and the Political Military Director Committee and the SEEBRIG command are ensured for two years, by rotation, by each of the participant states. Since June 2005 the MPFSEE political and military presidency are held by Albania and the SEEBRIG military command by Bulgaria. Starting June the SEEBRIG Command will be moved for four years in Istanbul and the new commander will be delivered by Romania.

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