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British military delegation visited the Romanian military in Iraq

The military of the 32nd Infantry Battalion “Mircea”, in mission in Iraq, received Wednesday, November 14, the visit of Major General Barney White-Spunner, chief of Staff of the Army Command of the Great Britain who, starting next year, will be the commander of the Multinational Division South East.

Lieutenant Colonel Cristian Dinulica presented the state of security in their area of responsibility and the missions the 32nd Infantry Battalion fulfilled.

General White-Spunner was interested by the technical capability the Romanians have for their successful missions and the achieved projects of cooperation with the civilians. In this respect, the British General stated: “I was informed on all the projects the Romanians initiated and developed. You are real fighters-diplomats the Multinational Coalition needs in post conflict time in Iraq. You proved that no matter how big the armies are with no accept of the people, the process of reconstruction has co consistency. The fact that till now you have run projects of one million dollars in worth shows you have a clear mandate and you are determined to end it in a professional way. All the signs we received mend the missions have been accomplished. Now I had the opportunity to know you personally and I understood the reality confirms the reports I received. I am glad to work with the military of Romania, a country with remarkable progress since the join to NATO”.

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