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February 2, 04 George Cristian Maior State Secretary in the Ministry of National Defence lectured on “NATO New Allies and Security Evolutions in the Black Sea Region” at Columbia University during the official visit paid at UN Headquarters in New York.

State Secretary presented the way NATO and European Union enlargement generates a dramatically change of the political/military and security dynamics and stressed on the increase of the Black Sea strategic relevance having in view the increase of the new risks and threats towards the European security. In this context, Mr. Maior stressed on the importance of the Black Sea as a bridge between Asia and Europe, as a transit region for the energetic resources and as a border for counter/acting the non-conventional risks towards the regional security. He also stressed on the importance in taking over the success models developed in the Balkans for consolidating the cooperation between the states from the Black Sea, Caucasus and Central Asia.

Professors and students in international relations and East European studies attended the lecture delivered at Columbia University. State Secretary Maior will lecture February 4, 04 on the same issue at UN International Academy for Peace where diplomats and military representatives from General Assembly, Council of Security and UN committees will be present.

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