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Lt. Col. Liviu Flutur, PR officer of the Romanian contingent in mission in Iraq, transmitted:

Transformation of the Iraqi society in a democratic state is a complex process mainly focused on the institutions ensuring the security of the daily life of all the citizens. This is the purpose the “Iraqi Civilian Defense Corps” a structure subordinated to the Council of the Iraqi Provision Authority was established.

ICDC’s missions are the participation to the humanitarian and protection missions subordinated to CJTF7now, and lately, to the Ministry of Home Affairs of the new Iraqi Government that would be formed after June 30, 2004.

One of the missions of the 26th Infantry Battalion is monitoring and guiding of a company of the ICDC Battalion, established in the area of responsibility of the Italian Brigade “Ariete”. 12 Romanian military are supervising the training program to be according to the established standards. The almost 200 people of the company are commanded by young Iraqi officers, not very experienced but very committed to their important activity. Lt. Adinel Gheorghe in charge with the Iraqi company declared: “We are all the time with them during the program, so that the proposed aims to be fulfilled. The military skills are quite easy to be formed and they are very appreciative and eager to fulfil the requirements.

Theoretical knowledge are more difficult to be learnt because very few of them speak English. We do want that their training would be integrated within the specific of the battalion otherwise there is the risk to exist an ICDC structure with multinational character, each sub-unit having the profile of the mentor nation.”

Commander of the ICDC Battalion, the Iraqi Lt. Col. Amer, an experienced officer, a warrior in the war against Iran, declared: “It is a real joy to cooperate with the Romanians. They are very patient with our soldiers and they are teaching us all that is necessary for the organization of the traffic check points, protection of a perimeter and patrolling. The Romanians are more than real military, they are our friends. And for us their behaviour means a lot.”

Despite the difficulties, the unsatisfactory material base and the temperatures already above 40 C , ICDC daily becomes a certitude for the peace and security of the Iraqi citizens.

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