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Ioan Mireca Pascu, Minister of National Defence and George Cristian Maior, State Secretary and chief of Department for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Defence Policy will participate Friday April 2, 04 to the ceremony of hoisting the national flags of the seven new members of the Alliance organized in Brussels at NATO Headquarters. The Romanian flag will be hoisted by two military from the 30 Guard and Protocol Regiment, senior sergeant Razvan Voicu and sergeant Mihai Daniel.

Minister of National Defence transmitted a message to the personnel in the international missions.

State Secretaries Sorin Encutescu and Gheorghe Matache, General Dr. Mihail Popescu, chief of the Romanian General Staff, generals and officers from the Ministry of National Defence, the Guard of Honor, the military band and the 30 Guard and Protocol Regiment will participate to the festivities organized in Bucharest at the Palace of Parliament.

The ceremony of the hoist of flags of Romania and NATO in Piata Tricolorului (in front of the National Military Cerle) and the University of National Defence (Str. Panduri 68-72) will start at 10.45 hours.

Similar activities will be organized in all the localities where Romanian military units are dislocated. At the military cercles and institutions of culture from the MoND structure will organize different activities dedicated to the joint of Romania to the North Atlantic Alliance, thus:
- The National Military Museum, the Aviation Museum and the Navy Museum will organize the “Day of the open gates”
- The National Military Library will organize between April 1 and 15, 04 the showroom of books “Romania-NATO”
- The Studio of Arts of the Armed Forces will organize in the same period of time the exhibition “Romanian Armed Forces in International Missions”
- A festive show will be organized Wednesday, April 7, 04 at 18.00 hours in the Hall of the Ministry of National Defence. The book “Romanian Armed Forces in International Missions, 1991-2003” was presented Wednesday, March 31, 04 at the National Military Museum.
The 2nd Joint Operational Command took the necessary measures to organize the festivities occasioned by the integration of Romania within NATO in all the theaters of operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans.

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