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Deputy Chief of General Staff participated in the Steering Committee’s Reunion of "TISA" Multinational Engineer Battalion

The Steering Committee’s Reunion of "TISA" Multinational Engineer Battalion takes place over 10-13 September, at Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia, where Romania is represented by Lieutenant General Dan Ghica-Radu, Deputy Chief of General Staff.
During the reunion, Lieutenant General Dan Ghica-Radu reiterated the importance of the promotion and consolidation of cooperation among the armed forces participating in this initiative by means of common military activities.
At the same time, the Deputy Chief of General Staff militated in favor of the open doors’ policy and enlargement of the battalions’ area of responsibility. "This proposal stands for an open door to the other countries from the region, which will improve initiative’s visibility and importance in the region ", Lieutenant General Dan Ghica-Radu declared during the working sessions.
Another subject debated during the reunion was the participation of "TISA" Multinational Engineer Battalion’s militaries in missions conducted in support of the local population affected by the floods. "The unfavorable weather conditions could cause massive floods and landslides in different regions of the country and, therefore, the engineers of TISA battalion or parts of its specialized modules must be ready for interventions, based on the emerging requests", Deputy Chief of General Staff stated.
On Thursday, September 12th, the members of "TISA" Multinational Engineer Battalion’s Steering Committee are participating in the Distinguished Visitors’ Day as part of "BLONDE AVALANCHE-13" demonstrative exercise, in Sered locality.
The Initiative functions based on the agreement closed between Romania’s Government, Slovak Republic’s Government, The Ministers’ Cabinet of Ukraine and the Hungarian Republic’s Government regarding the establishment of the Multinational Engineer Battalion, ratified by the Romanian Parliament, at the proposal of Romania’s Government (by Law no.583 adopted on October 24th, 2002, published in Monitorul Oficial no. 815/November 11th, 2002.
Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary are also members of this initiative.
Romania handed over the regional military cooperation initiative’s commandership to Slovakia on January 30th, 2013.

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