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A military and religious ceremony organized by the Ministry of National Defence, the Prefecture and the Town Hall of Bucharest will be held Saturday, June 26,04 at 10.30 hours in Piata Tricolorului in front of the National Military Cercle occasioned by The Day of the National Flag. Participants to this event will be representatives of civil, military and religious institutions, veterans, reserve and retreat military and other persons wanting to express their respect for one of the most important national symbols.

A festive symphonic concert will be organized after the ceremony at 11.30 hours in the Marble Hall of the National Military Palace.
Sub-units of the Ministry of National Defence will participate to the public ceremony and the military bands will concert in parks and public places at request of the local administration all over the country.

The ceremony of the National Flag will be organized in all the military units and the soldiers will be explained the significance of the national flag, the combat flag of the unit and the military traditions of the respective units.

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