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During the ceremony organized Sunday, August 1, 2004 at the US camp PHOENIX, near Kabul, Afghanistan four Romanian officers, two military foremen and two NCOs from the ANA TRAINING II Detachment participating to the establishment and operationalization of the new Afghani armed forces were decorated with the “Army Commendation Medal”. Brigade General Thomas Mancino, commander of the 45th Infantry Brigade offered the medals to Major Mircea Gologan, Major Danut Ivanof, Major Costinel Boboc, Captain Ioan Florin Cioanca, Sergeant Emil Nicolae David, Sergeant Gabriel Maries and NCOs Gheorghe Trica and Gheorghe Ciomag for “ tactical competence, professional efficiency and commitment in CJTF Phoenix missions for the success of the Enduring Freedom operation”.

For special contribution to the success in training the National Armed Forces of Afghanistan during the 14 months of activity in Kabul the CTJF Phoenix commander decorated Major Gologan, ANA TRAINING II Detachment commander with “Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal”. During the same ceremony all the Romanian trainers received certificates of appreciation.

The US General spoke about the main activities of ANA TRAINING II Detachment and stressed on the performances of the Romanian trainers affirming that NATO has an important allied once Romania joined it an allied they can count on, if necessary. For the first time at work with the Romanians, General Mancino said he is honored having under his command the personnel so well trained and motivated.

Major Gologan thanked for the medals granted to the Romanian trainers and stressed that only having a good cooperation with the US soldiers they could have such a good results.

Based on the Decision of the Romanian Parliament No. 12 from 7.05.2003 the ANA TRAINING II Detachment is participating to the process of stabilization and operationalization of the new National Armed Forces of Afghanistan.

The activity of the 25 officers and NCOs is to train the Afghani militaries in elaborating the pay rolls, the programs of endowment and training, management of donations, recruitment and preparation of forces, inspection and repair of the military equipment.

The militaries work as mobile training teams (infantry, tanks and maintenance) for training the 2nd Mechanized Battalion, the 3rd Tank Battalion, and the 5th Logistics, and the Brigades 1, 2 and 3 of the Central Army Corps.

In November 2003 the US Army decorated with “Army Commendation Medal” other nine officers and NCOs from ANA TRAINING II Detachment and in June 2004 four officers were also decorated with “NATO Medal for Afghanistan” as a recognition of their merits and contribution.

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