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Ovidiu Dranga, president of SEDM-CC and PMSC will participate to the Annual Reunion of South-Eastern Defense Ministers - Coordination Committee and PMSC/MPFSEE will participate in Rome between May 14 and 15, 03 to the reunion of deputy chiefs of General Staffs from South-Eastern Europe.

Deputy chiefs of General Staffs from SEDM countries: Albania, Bulgaria, FYROM, Greece, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, USA and Turkey will participate to this reunion. SEDM is the process of established consulting at MoNDs leadership level for increasing regional cooperation for security and stability in the South East of Europe.

Ovidiu Dranga will present to the deputy chiefs of General Staffs from the South Eastern Europe the main activities developed within SEDM since the last reunion in the same format, the present state of SEDM projects for SEESIM, SIMIHO, CBSC and working group on cooperation in defense industry, research and technology.

SEDM-CC and PMSC president will also inform the participants on SEDM cooperation with NATO and EU especially on the progress achieved in training SEEBRIG for a peace support mission under UN mandate.

Dep. for Euro-Atlantic Integration
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