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Tuesday, November 9, 04 chief of Romanian General Staff General Eugen Badalan met with ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany His Excellency Wifried Gruber.

The planned meeting with the German ambassador aimed the review and evaluation of the bilateral military relations and their possible increase.
After congratulating General Badalan for his appointment as chief of General Staff, Mr. Wilfried Gruber appreciated the way the reform of the Armed Forces is running on, the realism of objectives and the proposed terms for their achievement stressing on the fact Germany is interested in our country’s development as a powerful member of NATO. The German diplomat also appreciated Romania’s decision to set at EU disposal in mission in Bosnia with the military effective acted within SFOR, meaning the relations with both of the organizations is equal. Wilfried Gruber pointed that Romania’s participation to international missions and the activity of the Romanian militaries are well known and appreciated in Germany.

General Badalan thanked for the steady support offered by the German partner for Romania’s integration within NATO pointing that the process is at the beginning and we need our allies support in future, too for the process of reform of the military institution. General Badalan stated: “Our common aim must be the perfect interoperability. The moment the process of integration will end ours Armed Forces will act together in any type of missions”. As our relations with NATO and the European Union “according to our philosophy we see them as complementary and not rivalry”.

At the end of the meeting they expressed their belief in bilateral military relations future increasing.

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